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” who rema▓ined one was th

e youth who ha●d addressed me in English.I caught up my bun▓dle and turned towards the

d▓oor. “Du bist, aber, ganz kaput” de▓manded the young man,

“have you no m▓oney” “No.” He rose and followed afte▓r me. “If you are ein richtiger ▓Amerikaner,” he said, “I ca▓n show you where to pick up the price o●f a lodging.” I nodded.Th●e youth called to the Hebrew to leav▓e his door unlocked, and

led the way down the M▓oosky, across the square, and ●along a street that flanked a w

ooded ▓park. “Esbekieh Gardens,▓ those,” he said.“I’m takin

g you to the Am●erican Mission Hospital.There a▓re eight American preach

ers there, but your bes●t chanc

e now is Reverend ——.He lives in the ●third story, first door to the● right of the s

tairway.You will find hi●m studying.He studies un

til two ●in the morning.Knock on the door ▓once.He won’

t answer; bu


t push it open a●nd begin

a hard-lu

ck story right away.No

w don 癔t tell him that y

ou’ve jus

t come to Egypt,● nor


that you’re a sailor; and▓, if he asks you if you speak German, say n▓o.Tell him you are a civil engineer,● or a plate-layer, or a mason, and ●that you’ve just walked down fr●om Central Africa—your clothes ●fit that—and that you could get no work t●here, or—or that you got sick; yes, that’●s better, fo

r he’s


an old wise one and ●knows there’s plenty of work up the● river.Tell hi

m you speak only English a●nd that you are an American?/p>

猼hat i●s if you are—and he will give ▓

you ten piastres.If you’re not sure y

ou can ta●lk English without a foreign accent—I▓ can’t tell


whether you do or▓ not—well, I wouldn’t disturb the ●old man.He doesn’t like Germans.” The ▓yout

h pointed out a door of the Mission and slip▓ped into the blacker night of one of he●r pillars.I stepped ins

ide, and, mounting ▓to the first landing, sat down to think● matters over.The night air of January wa▓s

too cold to sleep out of doors even ▓should I succeed in hiding where ▓the patrol could not rout me out.B

ut to▓ come at midnight to disturb▓ an aged missionary with a stereotyped t●ale of woe! Yet I knew the

bitter hopelessness ▓of looking for work after a ●night in the streets, and “a deep breath for br▓eakfast.

” Work Why, of cours▓e! Just the point! I must find work b▓efore I left Cairo; why could I no●t ask fo

r a small loan and pay it back ● 193I continued up the stairs and kno▓cked on the door that had been indic